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The Boucherouite rugs, also known as BOUCHARQUETTE, are hand-woven out of discarded scraps of different textiles , although cotton is the material used mainly. Wool and other synthetic fibres like Nylon are occasionally used, which gives them an environmentally friendly value and also results in a more modest price.

The outstanding bright colours and the high artistic value of their asymmetrically abstract motifs inspired by the limitless ingenuity of the Berbere women expressed with no premeditation are the most remarkable feature oh these rugs. Some well-known contemporary art creators have been influenced by these designs.

The sheer honesty , creativity and light hearted spirit of these artistic creations have made them an object of desire for the new generations of customers who really appreciate their authenticity and aesthetic values. The multi-coloured, dishevelled look of BOUCHEROUITE rugs and their easy washing makes them specially suitable for children’s bedrooms and young, modern spaces and lofts.