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The AZILAL rugs are performed by the Berber women from the Azilal tribe, located in the Middle Atlas mountains. They are woven from naturally dyed wool and are intended for domestic use. Their most remarkable feature is the creativity and artistic value of their designs, whose geometric patterns seem to be inspired by the 50’s décor fashion. Besides the uniqueness of their flexibility and light weight their most noted characteristic is that they have become the perfect complement to decorate the walls and floors of modern spaces as well as suitable acoustic insulation elements.

There are three different kinds of Azilal rugs :

The classic / traditional ones, made in undyed naturel virgin wool with a white or cream background. Their motifs are usually wowen in black or brown flecks, although other colours are occasionally seen.

The red Background ones, woven by the AIT BOUZID tribe, decorated with geometrical or abstract motifs in different colours.

The Modern ones, firstly wovem in the eighties. Although mostly made in wool ,some synthetic fibers may be also used . This blend of materials gives them a superb aesthetic force which never leaves anybody unmoved / indifferent.