The Glaoui name evokes a heroic story full of wealth and power. By the end of the XIX century , the Sultan of Morocco, impressed by the Gaouli clan’s power, appointed the chief of this Anti Atlas tribe, Thami-elGlaouli , ( aka “el Glaoui” ), as the Pasha ,(governor), of Marrakech. For half a century he would become the ruler of the south of Morocco . His opulent fiefdom, the Telouet Kasbah , is one of the foundational meeting points of both the Berber and Saharian traditions , the Arabian-Andalusian luxury and the Europe’s wealth

Galoui style incorporates three techniques: hand-weaving, hand-knotting, and hand-embroidery, which means uniting all the vintage waving techniques. Some of them have fringed threads, so they can be folded, knotted /tied  and used as bags for their trips. Their decorative motifs are the oustanding expression of this tribe’s culture.

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